Nothing is permanent and everything is interdependent.  I believe this is an expression which describes best how the world goes around.

Especially during the process of the new globalization in the 21st century, everything seems to be changing more and more rapidly. At the same time we are becoming more and more dependent on each other globally.

We believe that one who can build rapport with others will be able to adapt to the rapidly changing world, and hence, share happiness and grow as a member of society for a better future.

Based on this belief, MATSUI’s motto stands as ”MATSUI in search of rapport.”
Our goal is not just to sell products and make a profit, but also to establish good rapport, via our products and services, with the people and the society that surrounds us. We seek to contribute to the growth and happiness of people throughout the world with rapport.

“Without good rapport, little is possible. With good rapport, anything is possible.”

Hironobu Matsui

President and CEO

Management Philosophy

MATSUI in search of rapport


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